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Specializing in Luxury Hotel Living


Distinguished as the premier luxury property management company in Miami Beach, Five Star Luxury Travel consistently sets new standards and achieves unparalleled returns for property owners.


With a portfolio exceeding $200 million in luxury real estate under our care within the Miami Beach area, Five Star Luxury Travel stands at the forefront of luxury property management, offering the ideal solution for your Miami Beach condo or single-family home.

More than just a service, Five Star Luxury Travel is a transformative experience, enriching the lives of both vacationers and property owners. Founded by Jennifer Restrepo, the company redefines luxury management and travel for all.


For vacationers, Five Star Luxury Travel presents the epitome of opulent accommodations and indulgence at a fraction of the usual cost. We cater to discerning individuals, including celebrities, and extend services that surpass ordinary expectations. This encompasses personalized concierge services, grocery shopping, and transportation - an unparalleled fusion of luxury and convenience that surpasses the offerings of standard hotels.


Jennifer excels in both the sale and management of some of the most sought-after properties in Miami Beach. With a track record of groundbreaking sales and an impressive listings portfolio, Jennifer leverages her global network of high-net-worth individuals to connect owners, buyers, and vacationers.


"After dedicating over two decades to the luxury property sector in Miami Beach, I embarked on this journey to offer the absolute pinnacle of what I've learned. I have a genuine passion for selling and managing luxury condos; it's my forte, and I'm proud to be recognized as a specialist in this field. Hearing clients acknowledge my expertise and enthusiasm for the properties I represent is one of the highest compliments I can receive. It underscores how proficient I am in my craft and how dedication to something you truly love pays off in the end.


Please don't hesitate to reach out to me today to discuss your property, whether you're considering a potential sale or seeking management. I'm more than happy to provide my insights on how it can excel in today's red-hot real estate market."


Currently, Jennifer leads Five Star Luxury Travel alongside her daughter, Izabella Victores, who has rapidly risen within the company ranks. Bella represents the next generation of Five Star Luxury Travel and, like her formidable mother, is a powerhouse force in her own right.

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