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  • Maintenance

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  • Housekeeping 

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  • Monthly management reports

  • Yearly management reports

  • Low management fees 15% - 20%

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  • Concierge services

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  • Yearly accounting reports

  • Monthly funds wired directly to your account

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Five Star Luxury Travel was launched in 2014 by Jennifer Restrepo. The goal was to meet a need in the ever developing luxury hotel industry, with a niche in the condo-hotel sector. As condo-hotels have risen in popularity amongst investors so has the need for a property management/hospitality company to service these properties.


The condo-hotels we specialize in are all considered luxury destinations. A luxury hotel is one where the services and amenities meet luxury standards. Typically rates start anywhere from $300/night for small studios or one bedrooms to well over $30,000/night for penthouses. 


Owning a piece of a world-class hotel brand is ultra-prestigious. Having the option of renting out your residence when it is not being used is quite enticing. However, why pay a hotel program between 40% - 60% of your profits?  We offer the same services of a hotel at a fraction of the price, more than 50% less than what you would pay a hotel. Because we charge so much less to manage properties, we are also able to offer much more competitive rates while still generating our owners great income. When booking with Five Star Luxury Travel you receive the same quality accommodations as you would had you booked through the hotel at a 30% - 70% savings.  


Most of our properties use the same linens, towels, and even toiletries as used in hotels. For those properties that don't use the same products as the hotels they are located at, we use high quality luxury brands as an alternative. These are brands we hand pick. We have staff on the ground performing walk-thrus before and after each reservation, a full housekeeping and maintenance staff, reservation agents, a cutting edge reservation system, and a full marketing team. 


Are you not happy with your current management?

Do you wish you had more flexibility to use your property?

We do not have blackout dates for owners. You will have access to a unit owners portal where you can see all of your existing reservations and where you are able to blackout dates when you would like to use your property.

Do you want a company that takes care of everything?

With our management owners do not have to worry. We take care of all your management needs. This starts with professional photos of your property, marketing them through our various avenues, booking reservations, personally checking in guests, managing and monitoring all housekeeping and maintenance, sending monthly management reports and payments.

Would you like a better return from your vacation property?

We run weekly reports on rental rates,  monitor competitors rates and make adjustments on a regular basis. We run last minute promotions to ensure high occupancy and higher overall yearly income. 




Submit your property by filing out the form below. This special 10% management fee promotion is only available for new owners to the Five Star Luxury Travel Network. Only available for a limited time.

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